Hello,welcome to my website, I work in the construction trade,married with two children and live in Lancashire, in the North West of England.I am convieniently placed to visit the rugged moorlands of the Trrough OfBowland/The Pennines, or the coastal sites of Southport and the Ribble estuary,In fact al are within an easy hours drive from where I live, I have access to some of the most amazing habitats, literally on my doorstep.

With photography, patience and knowing a little about your subject matter, are, I think the two key issues which stand out from anything else.Of course light comes into the equation greatly, but a lot of the time that`s out of our hands and we just have to capitalise on what we have.Last but not least, TIME plays a major role too!All these elements come together at some point when your out in the field trying to capture that perfect image,It`s far from easy, but when it does all come together the satisfaction is immense.I hope you enjoy some of my favourite images!